Egypt`s Genesis

Generally the beginning of egypt`s history is regarded about 3000 years b. c. as given, since with Menes begin the recording of all Pharaonen, how they were transferred by Sethos at Ramses II. .

There are descriptions in the form of legends and legends, which speak mentioned by an early advanced culture, the 1. empire, but so far these as myth was dismissed.

Since short one however two scientists dare it to step with the statement to the public it could prove that it must this " first realm " have given, about 10500 b. c.

1) The Pyramids

We regard the structure of the pyramids:

There are three pyramids exactly adjusted to N-S or O-W ;there are appropriate still 2 pyramids in somewhat further distance.

With the Nile together they form the image of the Orion and the Milky Way, as it is to be seen in the nocturnal sky.

The " large pyramid " reflects 1 : 43200 the northern hemisphere again, whereby it contains the number " " . Additionally it was built with a deviation from fewer than 0.01% - and such a thing best engineers from today do not even manage. What great architect must have sketched the plan for these buildings

The definition of the point in time of the 1. empire is proven by the temporal and local allocation of the asterisks. These change with the position of the axis of the earth, which executes a dutch roll. The process of the asterisks was checked and crystallized by a computer simulation that the astronomical allocations described in the following process were to be found only 10500 b. c. in such a way.

From the grave chambers of the Cheops pyramid two slots each lead out, which show 10500 b. c. exactly to the four most important constellations of the spring sun turn:

a) Sirius: equivalent to the goddess Isis

b) Orion, to be Osiris for the Egyptians

c) Alpha Draconis, corresponds the north asterisk at that time

d) Kleiner Bär , that for the immortality of the soul is

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