" momokl`s RaumZeit " :


I take my first look aronud the world as a "newborn Taurus" A.D. 1954

I have been washed, pressed and grown up in the"Gingerbread-town", where I have been sticked until today.

I`m deeply inquisitiv.That`s the reason because of my great intresting of so many themes.

e. g. . . :
Einstein relativity theory at the "space-time"

Rij - 1/2gijR = -kTij

  • Rij = durch Richie-Tensor calculated curvature of the "space time"
  • gij = Gravitatiosfeld by metric tensor expressed
  • R is thescalare curvature
  • k = a constant
  • Tij = Energy impuls tensor

Those is an equation with 10 unknown funktions and a not linearanot bekannten Funktionen und einer nicht linearen partial differential equation

  Left side :
right side:
Geometry of the curved space
Mass of the subject and their energy, reason of the curvature of the space time .

-----ā As if there subjects is, the space time curved.

The equation is resolved, results the "at the beginning" of the time approx
ca. 15 billion years ago.

In the hour of " 0 "the phenomenon of the singularity occurs :

0 subject and infinity exist at the same time

i.e. : the nothing and the infinity exist at the same time .

This is the problem of the "BigBang Paradoxon".Therefore it is so difficult, to explain developing of the Beings out of the Nothing
Probably provisionally a esotheric topic remains,
even if one comes of superordinate spaces (=dimensions more).
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

or . . : .
ASW & PSI Of-frontiers, those by the sience (still?) are not explainable. Telekinese and Paraemphatie are probably furthest common phenomena from this area.
Even ones in the later area are "way-women" or "witches" often to be found - with their abilities,to contact with other people on emotional level and even to influence - e.g. their immune system to set in motion.
  Physik Particularly from astronomical view - dimensions and time. Thought plays to time journeys, overcoming enormous distances using of " Worm-hole" or leaving our Kontinuum and journeys through the universe under other time conditions. Or the question whether there can be "Paralell-worlds ".
Is not fascinating it, which scientific performances furnished earlier cultures? Not only the pyramids of the Egyptians or the writing of the Sumerer, rather knowledge of the laws of nature, application of physical laws or astronomical operational sequence and their biological and anatomical knowledge, as obviously earliest sound ones, medicine men and druids seemed to possess it.