Gerda Boyesen`s biodynamische"body-basing-therapy":


Gerda Boyesen`s biodynamic Koerperpsychotherapie of the Norwegian Psychologin Gerda Boyesen developed biodynamic psychology is a form of the "body-basing-therapy".

An important part of the handling procedures consists of special Massagen with a feedback over peristalsis. By peristalsis one understands the noises stomach and intestine . G. Boysen discovers the connection between psychological and physical condition, which in the characteristic of these noises is again-reflected.

G. Boyesen developed a therapy, which discussions, Massagen and noises, which supply an acknowledgement over a stethoskop, together link.

"The Bioscop" is exactly conceived for this application. The electronic system with its freely-placable sensor heading particularly transfers the peristalsis and filters to a very large extent extraneous noises. Also the special weight of the sensor heading permits a good transfer with free position on the body.

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  • ELMS
  • Manfred Stahl
  • Galvanistr.23
  • D-90459 Nürnberg
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